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State of alarm in Spain because of COVID-19

covid 19 protection steps for diverSpain has been set into state of alarm as of 16.03.2020 (Real Decreto 463/2020), therefore also Tenerife is affected by the curfew. Part of the new regulation is the closing of all recreational sports centers as well as pools. Also the transportation of guests to the beaches will no longer be possible.
We are therefore unable to continue our operations and the dive centre ATLANTIK will stay closed until at least 01.04.2020.

We hope for all our guests and friends, as well as for our team and families to survive this crisis healthily.

All the best,
Your ATLANTIK dive crew! (Sunday 15.03.2020)

<<<UPDATE: The state of alarm has been prolonged until 11.04.2020 !>>>
<<<UPDATE (05.04.2020): The state of alarm has been prolonged until 25.04.2020 !>>>

<<<UPDATE: We expect beaches to open mid of June. National flights will start again on 23rd of June >>>
<<<UPDATE: We expect international flight to Spain starting in July (exact dates still pending) >>>

<<<UPDATE: The state of alarm is already active for 79 days >>>

<<<UPDATE (20.05.2020): We expect the REOPENING of our dive centre and the permission for international flights on 1st of July 2020!>>> 


Our workshop

Technical Service

We are completely equiped with all necessary special tools for repairs and maintanence of regulators, BCD's and cylinders.

For any technical service we use exclusively ORIGINAL REPAIR KITS of the manufacturer.

We are licenced service technitions. We participate frequently in technical seminars of the manufacturers.


Service of Regulators

Private regulators should be serviced once a year. Our rental regulators are being serviced in intervals of 6 months.

All regulators will be disassambled completely and cleaned in acid baths and in ultra sonic cleaners. All replacement parts will be replaced by original repair parts of the manufacturer. Then the regulator will be assambled and adjusted.

Technical service for regulators 

W A R N I N G !!!
NEVER try to manipulate or repair a regulator on your own!
It takes a special training, many expensive special tools and a lot of experiance to disassamble and reconfigure a regulator properly.
Any try to work with normal tools like screwdrivers or similar not appropriate tools on a regulator will lead to destruction of your regulator. A repair afterwards will be much more expensive as a normal professional service (if possible at all).
In case of an accident, no insurance company will pay, if they find out that the regulator has been manipulated by an unprofessional person. Also you will loose any warrenty on regulator.

We do explain this here very clearly, as we have been confronted with a lot of really bad regulators.

Regulator service

REMEMBER ! YOUR SURVIVAL depends on your equipment.

For interested divers we also offer technical courses in equipment maintanence and service.

Prices for Regulator service


The price for the service depends on type of regulator and expenditure. Usually about 1 to 2 hours of work are necessary. We will charge 30 € per hour.

Repair Kits

Revisions Kit MK2-Plus22 €
Revisions Kit MK20 / MK2524 €
Revisions Kit MK16 / MK1833 €
Revisions Kit R190 / R290 / R295 / R39020 €
Revisions Kit G250 / S500 / S550 / S60024 €


A complete service for a Scubapro MK2Plus with R295 and R295 Octopus lasts 2 hours, the Rep-Kits for MK2 is 15 € and the R295 is 12 € each.

Complete service in this example : 99 €

Prices for Cylinder service

In Spain cylinders must have hydrostatic pressure test every 3 years. It is recommended to have a visual inspection once a year as well as a service of the tank valve.

Visual inspection of scuba cylinder
25 €
Hydrostatic pressure test with certificate of spanish authorities

incl. cleaning and sanding of inner cylinder and valve check

65 €
Tank valve service mono valve
30 €
Tank valve service double valve
50 €