Type of Dive

Boat Dive Boat Dive

Site suitable for

Advanced divers
Ambitious divers


Anchor depth : 8m

Max. depth : 25m



Horizontal volcanic lava tunnel cutting trough a reef. The Tunnel is about 60m long, 10m wide and 4m high. This tunnel- or cave system has a huge entrance and several exits on the other side. In the first third of the tunnel you find also a 3m wide hole in the ceiling where you can surface. At maximum depth at 20m on another reef in front of the main reef you find a little cave. In this cave you encounter a very nice sea anemone and a huge pile of eaten shells in the furthest corner of the cave. As nobody ever encountered the producer of this heap of shell garbage, we call the cave The Cave of the Evil Beast! Due to the fact of limited depth at this dive site and the sizes of the tunnel, this dive site is very appropriate for beginners.


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