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State of alarm in Spain because of COVID-19

covid 19 protection steps for diverSpain has been set into state of alarm as of 16.03.2020 (Real Decreto 463/2020), therefore also Tenerife is affected by the curfew. Part of the new regulation is the closing of all recreational sports centers as well as pools. Also the transportation of guests to the beaches will no longer be possible.
We are therefore unable to continue our operations and the dive centre ATLANTIK will stay closed until at least 01.04.2020.

We hope for all our guests and friends, as well as for our team and families to survive this crisis healthily.

All the best,
Your ATLANTIK dive crew! (Sunday 15.03.2020)

<<<UPDATE: The state of alarm has been prolonged until 11.04.2020 !>>>
<<<UPDATE (05.04.2020): The state of alarm has been prolonged until 25.04.2020 !>>>

<<<UPDATE: We expect beaches to open mid of June. National flights will start again on 23rd of June >>>
<<<UPDATE: We expect international flight to Spain starting in July (exact dates still pending) >>>

<<<UPDATE: The state of alarm is already active for 82 days >>>

<<<UPDATE (20.05.2020): We expect the REOPENING of our dive centre and the permission for international flights on 1st of July 2020!>>> 


When do we dive ?

Boat diving in TenerifeFrom Monday until Saturday we meet us at 9:00am in the Dive Centre ATLANTIK for scuba diving excursions. A reservation one day in advance is obligatory! Reservations by phone are accepted but you will need to make a reservation payment by PayPal or credit card.

You may do 1 to 3 dives on a day. All new reservations for 9:00am only. For known divers we also offer the option to meet us later directly at the harbour to join us on the second dive at 12:00. Night dives and special excursions are scheduled upon request. On Sundays the dive centre ATLANTIK stays closed.

Where do we dive ?

Except for special excursions we usually determine where to go on the same day, as this depends on sea conditons and the weather situation as well as the level of diving licences of our clients. The decission is always taken by the rule "Safety First"!

Are there dive sites for beginner available ?

Yes! We have several dive sites where we conduct courses, which have easy entries, no current and no waves. These dive sites are perfectly suited for beginner and unexperienced diver. Diver with limited experience or diver who haven't been diving for a while will always be accompanied seperately by one of our instructos or dive masters. For diver who haven't been diving a longer period we offer refresher dives or complete refresher courses like the PADI ReActivate

Are there advanced dive sites for ambitious divers available?

Cavern diving in TenerifeYes! We dive in volcanic caverns, on dropoffs in wrecks from shore and from boat. Our dive sites offer incredible volcanic land scapes and a vast variety of marine life. For advanced divers the first dive of the day usually goes into a depth of 20 to 40 meter. Some dive sites are even deeper than that. 

How are the dive sites ?

The dive sites in the north of Tenerife can be called "thrilling". Depths are between 10m and 40m. For TEC-Divers we also have some dropoffs and reefs down to 60m. The dive sites provide us with a variety of volcanic landscapes with lava tunnels, dropoffs, canyons and caves. Some dive sites are really labyrinthic thats why we always acompany you down there.

What Flora & Fauna can be seen ?

You find the typical cold water fishes like Baracudas, Groupers, Tunafish, Jacks, Stingrays, Angelsharks and Moryeels  as well as mediteranian warm water fishes like Parrotfish, Damselfishes, Turkish Wrasses and trumpet fishes here. The reefs are formed by lava, not by corrals. Therfore they are not as colourful as in tropical waters, but spectacular in their formations. You also find corrals like gorgonias, and yellow seafans and in deeper depths you find black corrals and huge orange white hard corrals the Dendrophilia.

Which dive sites are exceptional recommendable?

Fishesof TenerifeThe dive sites "Labyrinth" and "Semiramis" should be visited by every diver visiting the north of Tenerife.  As highlight we can recommend the "Mountain of fishes" which you should not miss when it is scheduled to go there. If you are interested in some wreck diving you should join us diving in "Tabaiba". Cavern diver will have great fun at the dive sites "Tunnel",  "Bollullo" and "Portillo".

What happens on bad weather conditions ?

There is no bad weather on an island like Tenerife. If the sea does not allow diving here on the north shore of Puerto de la Cruz, we just use our vans and pass over to the other side of the island. Here we have several dive sites off the beaches where we can dive from 10 to 40m on reefs, caves, and even a wreckdive can be found here.

What is the water temperature, which dive suit do I need?

In the well moved waters of the atlantic ocean in our area we usually do not have thermoclines. The water temperature is more or less the same in all depths. In April we have  17-18°C which rises upto 24-25°C in October. 

Our rental dive suits are wetsuits of 5-6mm with attached hood. During the cold months we have additional shorties available to wear underneath.

If you bring your own suit it should be at least a 5mm wetsiut, a 3mm tropic suit or a shorty is not recommendable. Semi-dry suits can be used all year long, our instructors wear these also. From January to May you may come with a dry suit, during the rest of the year this will be much to warm.


Prices General Information - Diving

Prices for diving do include cylinder and weights. Additional equipment has to be rented if you don't have your own equipment. Equipment prices are devided into necessary equipment and optional equipment.

Diving packages are valid per person (Exception: Buddy-Packages) and have to be payed in advance. NO REFUND for not used dives from packages. If you need more dives than included in package you will get additional dives automaticly for same price as with in the booked package.

Prices Scuba Diving

Dive packages for single divers

single dive38 €
Dive package 4 dives (36€/dive)144 €
Dive package 6 dives (34€/dive)204 €
Dive package 10 dives (30€/dive)300 €
Early booking package - 10 dives shareable (28,50€/dive) available online only!285 €
Refresher dive50 €

Dive packages for buddys, families & groups

Buddy package 8 dives (min. 2 pers. - 34€/dive)272 €
Buddy package 12 dives (min. 2 pers. - 30€/dive)360 €
Family dive package 18 dives (min. 3 pers. - 28€/dive)504 €
Group package 50 dives (min. 6 pers. - 22€/dive)1100 €
Early booking package - 10 dives shareable (28,50€/dive) available online only!285 €

Supplements for special Dives

Passenger harbor fee for all boat dives+ 1 €
Tabaiba, Carioca+ 2 €
Radazul, Punta Prieta, Las Eras+ 3 €
Mountain of fishes, Black mountain+ 3 €
La Rapadura, Tunnel+ 3 €
Airplane wreck DC3+ 10 €
Nightdive+ 10 €
NITROX 12 Liter EAN32 (from 01.02.2020)+ 5 €
NITROX 15 Liter EAN32 (from 01.02.2020)+ 6.50 €

Prices Rental Equipment

Necessary Equipment

Equipmentper Diveper Day
Mask + Snorkel0.50 €1.00 €
Suit4.00 €6.00 €
BCD4.00 €6.00 €
Regulator 4.00 €6.00 €


Optional Equipment

Equipmentper Diveper Day
Boots1.50 €2.00 €
Fins for boots1.50 €2.00 €
Computer5.00 €
Torch5.00 €
Digital Underwater Camera25.00 €