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State of alarm in Spain because of COVID-19

covid 19 protection steps for diverSpain has been set into state of alarm as of 16.03.2020 (Real Decreto 463/2020), therefore also Tenerife is affected by the curfew. Part of the new regulation is the closing of all recreational sports centers as well as pools. Also the transportation of guests to the beaches will no longer be possible.
We are therefore unable to continue our operations and the dive centre ATLANTIK will stay closed until at least 01.04.2020.

We hope for all our guests and friends, as well as for our team and families to survive this crisis healthily.

All the best,
Your ATLANTIK dive crew! (Sunday 15.03.2020)

<<<UPDATE: The state of alarm has been prolonged until 11.04.2020 !>>>
<<<UPDATE (05.04.2020): The state of alarm has been prolonged until 25.04.2020 !>>>

<<<UPDATE: We expect beaches to open mid of June. National flights will start again on 23rd of June >>>
<<<UPDATE: We expect international flight to Spain starting in July (exact dates still pending) >>>

<<<UPDATE: The state of alarm is already active for 79 days >>>

<<<UPDATE (20.05.2020): We expect the REOPENING of our dive centre and the permission for international flights on 1st of July 2020!>>> 


Do I need a medical certificate for diving ?

YES! Every diver needs to have a medical certificate for diving, to make sure that your state of health does not excude you from this sport. This certificate needs renewal every 2 years. Divers older than 40 years need a yearly medical checkup.

What happens if I don't bring a medical certificate ?

Diver or beginner without medical certificate need to fill out a medical questioning upon regigstration for diving in our centre. This questioning MUST be answerded NO to all questions. If there is one single yes,  a maybe or a don't know you need to get a medical certificate here in place. Right next door to the dive centre you may get one from the Centro Médico Maritimo.

Is it cheaper to get the medical certificate in Spain ?

Definately not! Get your medical examination in your country from a doctor who knows you and who you trust. It is recommendable to consult a doctor specialised in sports- and diving medicine.

Forms for medical certifications ?

PADI medical certificate


Remember, the medical certificate is for your own safety! You do not get it for us or just to have a piece of paper! Make sure your examination is done by a professional medic who knows what it is for and which examinations are necessary.