General information

Prices for diving do include cylinder and weights. Additional equipment has to be rented if you don't have. Equipment prices are devided into necessary equipment and optional equipment.

Diving packages are valid per person (Exception: Buddy-Packages) and have to be payed in advance. NO REFUND for not used dives from packages. If you need more dives than included in package you will get additional dives automaticly for same price as with in the booked package.

Dive packages for single divers

single dive42 €
Dive package 4 dives (40€/dive)160 €
Dive package 6 dives (36€/dive)216 €
Dive package 10 dives (34€/dive)340 €
Refresher dive57 €


Dive packages for buddys, families & groups

Buddy package 8 dives (min. 2 pers. - 36€/dive)288 €
Buddy package 12 dives (min. 2 pers. - 34€/dive)408 €
Family dive package 15 dives (min. 3 pers. - 32€/dive)480 €
Group package 36 dives (min. 6 pers. - 28€/dive)1008 €


Supplements for special Dives

Supplementper diveper day
Boat dives+ 4 €
Excursion to the other side of the island+ 5 €
Airplane wreck DC3+ 10 €
Nightdive+ 10 €
NITROX 12 Liter EAN32+ 5 €


Necessary Equipment

 due to the risk of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic you can rent equipment that will get in direct contact with your skin PER DAY ONLY and not for single dives. All equipment will be desinfected after use every day by our staff!

Equipmentper diveper day
Mask + Snorkel2,00 €
Fins (simple flippers)FREEFREE
Suit5.00 €7.00 €
BCD (inc. cutter and buoye)4.00 €6.00 €
Regulator 7.00 €
Computer5.00 €
Cutter or knife2,00 €1
Buoye (SMB)2,00 €1

1) This equipment is included in all rental BCDs of the dive centre and also included in the rental fee of the BCD. Only divers with own equipment who do not carry these items must rent them, as this eqipment is obligatory in Spain since 01.07.2020.


Optional Equipment

Equipmentper diveper day
Boots2.00 €3.00 €
Fins for boots1.50 €2.00 €
Torch5.00 €
Digital Underwater Camera25.00 €

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