PLEASE NOTE: This dive site can only be reached in summer. It will only be offered within a special all day tour at a minimum of 6 experienced participants. NO beginner diver, NO diver with only few dives, NO first dives at this site (you must have been diving with us before). Please do not ask for a guaranteed booking of this site! This tour will be organised exclusively here in place upon a sufficiant request by experienced divers. We will not grant guaranties or confirmations for this site on online request.

Type of Dive

Boat Dive Boat Dive

Site suitable for

Advanced divers
Ambitious divers


Anchor depth : 33m

Max. depth : 33m



On Septembre 16th of 1966 the airplane Douglas DC-3 of the company Spantax, departured from the airport Los Rodeos, with destination to the island of isla La Palma. About three minutes after takeoff occured an overspeed on the propeller of the left engine, which had to be considered as a severe emergency situation for ths double engine aircraft.

Flying over the northern part of the island the aircraft was beginning to loose height and when reaching the coast of El Sauzal, the pilot turned to his crew and said: "Keep calm, we are going to land on the water."

Today the wreck of the plane can be found on the sand ground in 33m. The passanger cabin has sunk into the sand. You can still see the engines with their propellers, landing gears still complete with tires and hydraulic as well as the wings.



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