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PADI SMB Specialty Course


  • PADI OWD or equivalent license
  • Minimum age 10 years
  • Medical certification for scuba diving or medical declaration signed by participant in place
  • For minors a confirmation signature of a parent or tutor is needed upon registration

Content of course

The specialty course Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Diver consits of is aa pure practical course consiting of 2 dives.

Goal of the course is it to gain experience and practise the skill of setting different SMBs from under water during a safety stop at 5m. When diving from boat these skills can save your life. If you don't find back to the boat you will have to do a free ascent and while you are still doing your safety stop your position is already marked with your buoye.

For the training dives we will provide differnt buoyes to practise. But you should think of having your own buoye on all dives . We have several SMBs for differnt prices available in our store.

Duration of the course

Minimum 1 day, but dives may also be spread over several days. the course may be started any day, no fixed schedule.


100 €

PADI license fee of 50 € will be charged upon successful completion of the course

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