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Necessary special equipment needed

  • Double valve cylinder (will be supplied by dive centre)
  • 2 seperate regulators with 2 independent first stages *
  • 1 regulator with long hose to share min. 1,5m  *
  • Dive computer *
  • Reserve dive computer or alternatively divers watch, depth gauge and decompression table *
  • Bailout cylinder min. 850L/30cf with regulator (will be supplied by dive centre)
  • SMB (Surface marker buoy) *

*) may be rented from dive centre, but is not included in course price

Course content

Refractometer workshop This new specialty course PADI/DAN Deep-X Diver is all about decompression diving training and an introduction into scientific diving. It is the aim of the course to train you in decompression diving and to upload the data of your dives into the DAN database to provide data for scientific research. From the data of thousands of dives the decompression algorithms of dive computers can be improved and the dive computer calculations in daily use of normal divers will become safer. In the long term this will make diving safer for you and all the other divers in the world.

Your advantage will be the immediate analysis of your diving profile from the data of your dive computer with hints towards the risk of decompression accidents according to your diving profile. This will improve your diving habits specially in deep dives.

deepx licenseThe course consits of an e-learning theory part which you will do in advance at home on your tablet, notebook or PC. You will register for the PADI/DAN DEEP-X e-learning theory directly on the DAN-Server. The e-learning course is available in english only! You will find the e-learning course here:


 Register for PADI/DAN Deep-X e-learning

Afterwards we will conduct the practical training here in place, including:

  • 3 Workshops
  • 1 practise in pool or shallow water
  • 2 dives to 30m and 40m with upto 5 minutes of decompression

DeepX Instructor Duration of the course

3 days. The course may be started any time.

Minimum participants (2)

Please register for this course with your dive buddy, we will not conduct this course for single persons.


The price for the PADI/DAN e-learning is 60 €
The PADI/DAN license fees for your PADI/DAN DeepX e-card are already included in the price for the e-learning.

The price for the practical course is 250 €

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