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PADI Especialidad


  • PADI OWD or equivalent
  • Minimum age 10 years
  • For minors a confirmation signature of a parent or tutor is needed upon registration
  • Medical certification for scuba diving or medical declaration signed by participant in place

Content of course

Underwater imaging is the new PADI specialty course combining the old uderwater photography and underwater video courses in one of the most popular diving specialties.

The special DIGITAL UNDERWATER IMAGING course deals with the creation of photos and / or videos underwater. On land everyone gets a good snapshot or an interesting video sequence. Under water, this is much more difficult. In this course you will learn all the tricks of how to create great photos or videos of your diving adventures. The introduction to digital underwater photography and videography, which focuses on today's digital compact cameras. The course will help participants develop the necessary knowledge, skills and practical techniques to get great shots on their first digital camera dive.

Duration of the course

2 days


The price for this course is 100 €

PADI license fee of 50 € will be charged upon successful completion of the course

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