Scubapro Test Days 

For testing we had the Scubapro HydrosX BCD 

Scubaprp HydrosXThis high class BCD offers great freedom of movement and first-class materials and workmanship. We particularly liked the positioning of the weight pockets, which do not have to be squeezed in between like with other integrated BCDs, but are freely accessible on the outside. The zips on the side pockets also open much wider than on other BCDs and are easier to reach in the water when you have your gear on. Our scuba instructor Thomas has decided to switch to this BCD and will soon be doing all his dives with the HydrosX.   



The Scubapro regulator MK11 / S270 

Scubapro MK11 /  S270

is  a very handy membrane-controlled regulator. Like all membrane-controlled regulators, it is particularly icing-proof, which does not concern us here on Tenerife, but all those divers who also dive in cold lakes and dams at home should pay attention to this detail. The first stage MK11 comes with 2 high pressure exits, which is an advantage for all divers who like to use air integrated computers. This way you have a high pressure exit for your obligatory analog manometer and another high pressure exit for your transmitter or hose for the computer. The new second stage S270 is very compact and light, so that the jaw is not strained when holding the regulator in the mouth. We have ordered several of these regulators as rental units for our guests.


The Scubapro fin Seawing Supernova 

Scubapro Seawing Supernova is very light and is therefore ideal for travelling. In addition, it can be disassembled into 2 parts to fit better in the luggage. The foot section can be exchanged for a full foot section (sold separately), so this fin can be used for both diving and snorkeling. The foot part for booties comes with a very stable and practical bungee cord instead of buckles and heel rubber, which makes putting on and taking off the fins much easier and much faster, especially in critical situations. 



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