1. Don't scuba dive, when you feel sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with an infected person. Act responsibly towards everyone else.
2. Maintain the saftety distance of 1,50m towards others, at the beach, on the surface as well as unter water! To do so you should be able to kit up yourself. (We love to show you all the necessary tricks) Also we conduct the buddy check at distance without touching the equipment of our buddy.
3. Maske Keep your mask in your face, nothing protects you better. Mask in your face not only below the surface but also on the surface and on your way to and from the water.
4. Atemregler Keep your snorkel or regulator in your mouth while on the surface! There is no reason to speak, we all know the diver signs.
5. My equipment is just mine! Sounds kind of egoistic? Yes, but it helps! Nobody touches the equipment of someone else. Everybody washes or desinfects hands before touching equipment. Everyone carries his own bag and his own cylinder and only his own.
6. Octopus In case of an emergency you must spend air to your buddy! Therefore you must not test the alternate airsource (octopus) in your mouth, just pressing the purge button is sufficciant to check function. This way it stays virus free in case someone needs it.
7. Private Ausrüstung Private equipment that you use only yourself, can be rinsed in fresh water and dryed as usually. Just your alternate airsource (octopus) must be desinfected, if you have used it.
8. COVID Desinfection Rental equipment will be professionally desinfected by the dive centre staff after each use. We use different basins with special desinfection liquids for regulators and masks as well as for all equipment made of neoprene.
9. cressi anti fog Use anti-fog spray instead of spitting into your mask!
10. eigene Maske regulator Private equipment protects you! You should get your own mask and snorkel asap! You will need it anyway, so why rent it if you could have one of your own.
Think about purchasing your own regulator! This piece of equipment you wear constantly in your mouth. Wouldn't it be nice if nobody else had it in his mouth before?

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