Decompression buoyThe minimum necessary equipment has been defined as follows:

  • BCD
  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Regulator with 2 stages + alternate airsource (Octopus)
  • Manometer (SPG)
  • Computer or
    • Depthgauge
    • Watch
    • Decompression table 
  • Acustic signaling device for surface (whissle)
  • Cutting device
  • Decompression buoy

Cressi CutterNew is the obligation to wear a knife and a buoy. Therefor all our rental equipments will be supplied with these items.

When diver travel with their own equipment, they must bring these items or have to rent it from the dive centre. You don't need to bring a knife which might get you into trouble when flying. We recommend a rope cutter device, that canÄt be used as a weapon.

Off course we do have knifes as well as rope cutters available in our store. 

Marking of ascent points:

Another novelty in the law is the obligation for divers to mark their point of emergence, i.e. to set the decoy buoy, in order to warn boats that divers are about to return to the surface.

It is totally sufficient if only one person from a diving group ascending together places a buoy, but each individual is obliged to have a buoy with them.

This rule does not apply if the divers ascend within 50m of the boat. In this case, the boat is flagged as a buoy.

We therefore recommend the purchase of your own buoys and we are also happy to practice setting such decompression buoys with you as part of our PADI Specialty Course DSMB.

Permanent boat guard:

Another new regulation concerns more the logistics on the diving centres. We are now obliged to always have a permanent boat guard on board. Managing dives like in the past, with all diving instructors diving with their groups without leaving someone behind will no longer be possible. Therefore, the personnel expenditure for boat dives has increased.

New diver medical questioning:

A major innovation is the clear statutory definition of medical requirements. There is a new nationwide medical query that only consists of 10 questions with sub-items. If the questions can be answered with a clear conscience with "no", diving can be done without having to obtain a medical certificate. The new questionnaire replaces the endlessly long query that we have been using at PADI until now. 


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